• Name: Gary M. Gadsdon, BSc
  • Date of Birth: 17th July 1987
  • Age: 36
  • Hometown: London, UK
  • Job: Student, Web Designer, SMF Customiser
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"You don't need a reason to help people "
- Zidane Tribal, Final Fantasy IX
I have a wide range of skills and technology where I can offer a large number of services. Here's what I'll be able to offer. Contact me to request any of these services.
Web Development
My main focus is with the Simple Machines Forum package.

  • Forum Installs: Get your forum up and running with default configurations.
  • Forum Upgrades: Get your forum updated to the latest version. Any SMF version to the latest, including YaBB SE 1.5.5.
  • Mod Installation: Install custom modifications to work with default and custom themes.
  • Theme Installs: Install a theme and getting it working on your site.
  • Forum Conversion: Variable. Convert your forum from one software to SMF.
Gameplay Videos
I'm also a Walkthrough Video Uploader. If you wish your game to be featured on my channel then let me know. But there are some restrictions.

  • Console Games: PlayStation Versions only. Xbox or Nintendo Games will be given away to my brother/nephew without notice to you.
  • PC Games: DRM-Free or Steam games only. Always-online or other DRM tactics will be rejected.

Games will appear in a queue. Fees apply to cut that queue.
Home Media Conversion
The same technology to record games can be used for other means. I can do the following conversions.

  • Vinyl to CD or MP3
  • Audio Cassette to CD or MP3
  • VHS to DVD, Blu-Ray or MP4
  • DVD to Blu-Ray or ISO
  • HD-DVD to Blu-Ray or ISO
  • Blu-Ray to ISO

You are responsible for the legality of the content you send. Analogue formats (Vinyl, Cassette or VHS) will not have their content split into separate files for easier viewing, the quality of the convertion relies heavilly on the quality of the original source media. DVD will not be upscalled to HD formats on Blu-Ray. For ISOs, you're responsible for sending storage media to use, eg a 16GB flash drive for a single DVD or a 64GB one for a single Blu-Ray.
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